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Friday, April 21, 2006

Today's OB Appointment....

Well the wonderful weekly appts are starting!

I gotta that there isn't much change. The baby belly has dropped a little, causing me even more pelvic pain, and stronger urges to pee! One good thing is that she said that my heartburn/acid reflux should *hopefully* lessen a tad now. Also makes a bumpy bus ride even more interesting...nothing like feeling pressure bouncing up and down in your....we'll call it birth canal...

Other than that, I miss Emily way too much some days. Yes, she's living with my mom now, and its only been a week so it will get better, but I am officially alone all the time in the apartment now. Though I guess I'm not really alone, since I am two people (which might I add is a very bizarre concept to grasp)...

I love this nicer weather, makes me spend tons more time on the balcony. I guess that's it for now!


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