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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday's 10 Sentences

1. Baby Girl didn't get the memo...She should be on her way out today at the latest...but she's not!!!

2. Every morning that I wake up and I'm not in labour I get more and more frustrated and a little depressed.

3. Thank goodness for GIMP 2.2 or else I'd really be banging my head into the wall repeatedly.

4. Tomorrow is my OB appointment and I pray that I have made *some* progress.

5. Post partum depression scares me.

6. I have a feeling she'll come on Cinco de Mayo because its the one day in this entire month that we all would really prefer that she didn't come on.

7. All noises seem to irritate me today.

8. This weather bites the big banana.

9. Sometimes I wish life were more like fiction. Ross scared Emma out with the threat of sex with Rachel...why doesn't that work for us? (Yes I'm talking about Friends).

10. I read Ruby in Her Own Time, in hopes that I would unclench and just let this little peanut arrive when she wants but I just can't see to let go!


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