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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Week 39

Week Thirty-Nine
  • The lanugo has mostly disappeared, but you'll probably find a bit on her shoulders, arms and legs and in those protected little bodily creases. It will vanish completely on its own in time.
  • Her lungs are maturing and surfactant production is increasing and fully prepared to take on the outside world!
  • Your baby doesn't have much room to move and certainly mom agrees! Did you imagine 8 months ago that this wee one would be able to hook a toe in your ribs while elbowing your bladder? She certainly has grown!
  • Her body continues laying on the fat stores that will help regulate her body temperature after birth. In addition to normal fat, she is accumulating a special "brown" fat in the nape of his neck, between his shoulders and around organs. Brown fat cells are important for thermogenesis (generating heat) during his first weeks.
  • Your infant's weight is around 7.25 pounds (3288gm) and length is 19.9 inches (50.7cm).
Eric thinks she'll be 8lbs 5oz and I'm thinking either 8lbs 3oz or 8lbs 8oz.


  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger Patricia said…

    Valerie! You were on my mind tonight so I googled imogensky and found you here - getting married and having a baby!! Hurray!!!!!!

    My web site is still here:


    And I keep a journal here:


    Sending you love, Patricia

    PS - I don't blog here but had to set one up to leave you a comment!~


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