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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week 40

Well this is the last one available but I fully intend to still be here at Week 41...I'm to be induced beginning on Sunday May 21st as an outpatient. I'm hoping to make some progress before than (or even better give birth) but I'm not really sure that's going to happen. My cervix is now thicker and her head is a little lower which is *some* progress but its not very much. Maybe the full moon tonight will kick things into gear, who knows?

Week Forty
  • Much of the vernix has vanished but you will notice traces on her body.
  • 15% of your child's body is fat. Since she hasn't learned to shiver yet, these fat stores will help regulate her temperature.
  • Approximately 60 - 75 percent is water!
  • Your baby's chest sticks out, almost as if she's ready to strut proudly over her accomplishment!
  • Her lungs will continue developing until birth. They are manufacturing large quantities of surfactant which works to keep the air sacs open.
  • She continues to grow; her hair and nails longer as well. You may need to trim those fingernails soon after birth or protect her face from scratches with mittens.
  • Small breast buds are present on both sexes.
  • The baby now weighs 7.6 pounds (3462gm) and is 20.2 inches (51.2cm) long.
  • Newest approximation of her weight was on Tuesday at 8 1/2 pounds!
  • Congratulations! Any day now you will be cradling your daughter! Cherish the moments and learn all you can about this new personality in your life. They go by all too fast!


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