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Friday, June 30, 2006

Six Weeks Old...Wow~

I'm telling you, time never went this fast before I had Miss Moon! And pregnancy was definitely NOT that fast! I'm getting better at catching her smiles so on her 6 week b-day I took a couple. I took one of her sleeping (she's getting chunky, and I call her Chunkerbell sometimes...definitely only a nickname Eric and I can use ....and not too often), and than I took a smiling one!

Enjoy the pics! Charlotte and I are going to my mom's (Grandma's) for 3.5ish days and I get to go for my wedding dress fitting! It's been a year since I've seen my dress! And than Charlotte's Yia Yia is going to pick us up on the way to Ottawa, that way she can finally meet my mom! Than Yia Yia's leaving on Friday afternoon (after she's treating me to my very first pedi...)woo woo! So the next update will probably be of Grandma's and pics of all that!


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