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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long Weekend....

As much as its fun/different to have people around for a few days, no offense, but its really nice when they're gone. I'm a creature of routine, I don't mind a deviation, but not everyday for three days in a row.

Charlotte was disturbed from a few naps, didn't sleep as long for the rest of the days, and proceeded to be awake on and off for several nights in a row. I want my baby with the good night sleep habits back! I always thought that sleep was going to get better the older she got, but its been getting worse. With getting sick, getting shots & fever, and having company around, its been a long 3 weeks.

That's why I didn't blog this weekend, and that's why my brain is so mushy that I'm almost certain I shouldn't even be blogging right now...LOL...

Anyhow, that my 2 cents about this long holiday weekend.


  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger Nikkie said…

    Our holiday weekend was nice and uneventful. We were invited to a rodeo but didn't feel like going.

    I understand how the constant company like that gets old. Especially when sleep routines get messed up for little ones!

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